The ReUse People (TRP) Long Island Kitchen / Bath Remodeling Program

Thousands of kitchens and bathrooms are remodeled / renovated each year all over Long Island.  Most times kitchens & baths are removed because of the owner's personal taste not because of the material's condition.  New Long Island homeowners want to make their new home their own and it usually starts with the kitchens and/or bathroom(s).  They remove the old and add the new.  The old is just discarded into the landfill without even a thought of the repercussions.


How the TRP Long Island Kitchen / Bath Remodeling Program Works

If you live on Long Island and are about to find a contractor for your kitchen and/or bath(s) remodeling, for the same cost as traditional smash-and-discard demolition, Advanced Restoration Corporation, a DKI Member Company, and The ReUse People will remove your kitchen cabinets and appliances, leave the project in a clean dust free condition and provide a tax-deductible receipt for the donated reusable materials.

If you are thinking of remodeling or renovating your kitchen and/or bathroom(s) on Long Island here is what you have to do:

  1. Call Advanced Restoration at (800) 693-6263 and fill out form on the right and request a TRP Long Island Kitchen / Bath Remodeling Order Form
  2. The form is immediately e-mailed or faxed to you.
  3. You complete the form, computing the easy cost formula to calculate total removal costs.
  4. You send the completed form back to Advanced Restoration by email or fax.
  5. Advanced Restoration calls to arrange a site visit to finalize agreement and schedule work. (Removal can usually be completed in one day.)
  6. Advanced Restoration's TRP-Certified Deconstruction crew will show up on the agreed upon day, complete the work, and leaves the kitchen / bath ready for cabinet, fixture and appliance installation, and presents you with the donation receipt.
  7. The donation will generally cover the entire cost of removal!  How much better can it get? With its nonprofit status and 16-plus years of deconstruction and kitchen-removal experience, TRP is the only company that can offer this sweet a deal.

If the project involves a very large kitchen and/or bathroom with expensive cabinets, fixtures, and appliances, an appraisal may be required (appraisals are mandatory for donations of $5,000 or more). TRP will provide you with a list of independent appraisers.

The TRP-Certified Deconstruction Contractor for Long Island, Advanced Restoration Corporation, building deconstruction crews cover finished floors and openings to other rooms with plastic or other appropriate protective materials to minimize dust. If you want additional work done while our crew is there (for example, removal of wall coverings, windows, finished floors or recessed lighting), TRP will provide you with a separate quotation for the work.