Long Island Benefits of Building Deconstruction

We at Advanced Restoration Corp. are always pleased to present innovative tools, both large and small, to help make our Long Island communities more livable.  Building deconstruction is such an innovative tool.  What is innovative and exciting is how Long Island communities can use this process to support and complement other community objectives.  Building deconstruction can be a link to job training and economic development efforts right here on Long Island.  It creates training and job opportunities for unskilled and unemployed workers.  Also small businesses can be created to handle the salvaged materials from building deconstruction projects.

Deconstruction can be a way of keeping resources in the community and developing small business opportunities.  Due to its labor intensive nature, building deconstruction can also lead to the creation of new jobs and businesses.  Reduced unemployment strengthens the Long Island economy directly as well as indirectly in areas such as retail sales and housing.