Need A Home / Construction Demolition on Long Island?

At Advanced Restoration Corporation, we pride ourselves in the quality of our work and the cleanliness of our job sites.  The care and time we take in protecting the environment surrounding our work area is by far the best on Long Island.  We call it a "Controlled Demolition".  Our Home / Construction Demolition projects are always sealed off and contained from the rest of the structure.  We always control the airflow inside our containment area using 3-stage HEPA filtered negative air machines and air scrubbers.  We do not let all the dust and debris from the demolition project affect the rest of your home or building.  All home demolition and construction demolition projects are HEPA vacuumed cleaned of all dust and debris and ready for reconstruction when we are done.

Construction Demolition Services from Montauk to Manhattan

With many years experience and a proven track record Advanced Restoration Corporation has grown to become one of the leading demolition and associated works contractors in the State of New York. Based in West Babylon, right in the center of Long Island, we are in the perfect position to handle any building demolition or partial demolition job from Manhattan to Montauk.

We pride ourselves in fulfilling every requirement through our directly employed, fully trained and dedicated workforce, and using specialist equipment designed for the particular task.

We are an approved contractor to County, District and Borough Councils and also various Government Departments and Health Authorities, and Education Authorities. We also regularly carry out work for professional bodies, developers, builders, private sector enterprises.


Our Home Demolition Expertise

Our project portfolio ranges from small residential and community projects through to extensive Multi Discipline Contracts both as principal and sub-contractors.

We have a fully detailed method statement and safety plan for all our contracts. The documents include information on risk assessments, program of works, organizational responsibilities and health & safety issues with the purpose of ensuring that the project is progressed and completed in a safe and efficient manner. All our personnel receive regular 'in house' training. Our green approach employs methods that recycling useful project components through methods that are safe, efficient and environmentally sound.

Quality is attained by the systematic application of a comprehensive range of activities based on experience and knowledge. We are always working towards maintaining and enhancing our achieved accreditations.


A Long Island Garage Demolition