Our Methods of Mold Removal and Mold Remediation

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Methods of Mold Removal in Compliance with EPA, NYCDOH, IICRC S520 and OSHA:

The work methods to be used by Advanced Restoration Corp. will surpass those as required by the New York City DOH, EPA, IICRC S520, and OSHA requirements as related to mold remediation activities.  We can handle any mold remediation project in the Long Island and New York Metro Area.

All work to be done with employees in personal protective equipment and in compliance with Advanced Restoration, Corp. safety standards and standard operating procedures (which derive from OSHA standards).

Regulation of work area by maintaining relative humidity levels below 50%.

Seal all critical barriers in the work area including HVAC supplies and returns.

Create decontamination chamber(s) and air locks at entrance of containment area with 6-mil poly OR tunnel system leading directly to the outdoors.

Place containment under negative pressure using HEPA filtered negative air machines.

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The negative air machines will provide a minimum of 4 air changes per house and a maximum of 16. The machines will be set up to exhaust outside the building.

A HEPA filtered air scrubber will be placed outside the containment (if/when containment is needed) to aid in prevention of cross contamination and to keep a positive pressure on the exterior of the containment.

Remove by hand any wallboard or mold contaminated porous content that may be found within the containment area. These materials will be carefully removed as to maintain low levels of airborne dust and fungal spores.

All material removed will be placed in a 6-mil poly bag, sealed, and properly decontaminated before removal from containment area.

HEPA vacuum all surfaces within containment area

Decontaminate-disinfect hard surfaces using an EPA registered product designed for mold abatement that is an environmentally friendly product.

HEPA vacuum all surfaces within containment area a second time.

HEPA Filtered Negative Air Machines should run for a period of atleast 48 hours after remediation work is complete.


Mold Remediation: Containment Barrier Setup 

The above video depicts Advanced Restoration's Mold Remediation Technicians containing a chimney area during a mold remediation project in New York City. The chimney was exposed to the exterior and was contained to help create negative air pressure during the mold remediation project.