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What is a Certified Restorer?

Posted on Thu, May 07, 2009 @ 05:24 PM

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There are numerous Restoration companies throughout Long Island and the New York Metro area, but only a handful hold the title of Certified Restorer (CR). Disaster recovery is essential to any property structure, and Certified Restorers have the experience and ability to ensure all aspects of property damage are handled with the utmost professionalism. Advanced Restoration Corporation is one of the primary companies on Long Island with the CR designation.

Certified Restorer

The Certified Restorer program is a week-long master's course in damage repair offered to experienced contractors and restorers. The program's objective is to raise committed restorers to a higher level of professional ability.

The course addresses both buildings and personal property and is based on the structure and nature of materials, with the effects of various perils. A section on restoration theory addresses the mechanisms by which residue odors are removed. Toxic contamination, allergic response, water damage, contracts and insurance are also covered. The Certified Restorer course is widely recognized as the pre-eminent training program in damage repair.


All candidates to the Certified Restorer (CR) Program must be actively involved in restoration work at the time of application and have 3 or more years of active experience in disaster damage restoration as a technician, supervisor or estimator. The company or employer must be a member in good standing of RIA International.


CR candidates must have attended one NIDR or WLI seminar or an RIA convention in the 12 months preceding the CR school.

Candidates must complete the Certified Restorer School and successfully pass the written examination with a score of 80% or better.

Ethics Quiz

Candidates must complete an Ethics Quiz administered by the course instructor or a designated member of the CR Committee. A thorough understanding of the NIDR Code of Ethics and the Certified Restorer Code of Conduct is required.

Formal Report

On completion of the class, candidates must prepare a formal report or a thesis on an approved research topic.

Maintaining Certified Restorer Status

Certified Restorers must participate in a recertification program and maintain current membership in RIA International in order to retain their CR status. All CR continuing education is based on a three-year continuous cycle. Cycles for newly inducted CRs begin on the January 1 following the date of induction. All CRs are required to participate, and all required points must be earned within the time frame.

For more information on the Restoration Industry Association's advanced designations: CR, WLS, CRS, CMH, CMP and CFS, please contact the RIA Education Department at 443-878-1000.

Advanced Restoration Corporation is a family-owned and operated full-service property damage restoration company with a combined 75 years experience in dealing with Fire Damage Restoration, Water Damage Restoration, Flood & Storm Damage, Mold Remediation, Smoke Damage Restoration and Reconstruction. We service Long Island (Nassau County, NY; Suffolk County, NY) and the New York Metro area.
Advanced Restoration is also an expert in partnering with mortgage companies and families buying homes on Long Island. We are experienced in dealing with FHA approved 203 (k) loans associated with foreclosures, as well as streamlined 203(k) loans. For more information on having Advanced Restoration become your 203(k) contractor, please contact Gary Matzelle at (516) 903-4107.

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