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Why Disaster Kleenup International (DKI) Is Already Positioned to Take Building Deconstruction Lead

Posted on Sat, Jun 05, 2010 @ 04:11 PM


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Advanced Restoration Corporation is a proud member company of Disaster Kleenup International (DKI).  DKI is North America's largest disaster restoration services organization made up of a network of the leading independently owned and operated disaster restoration companies with over 400 hundred locations throughout North America. 

Sustainable development is the most vibrant and powerful force to impact the building design and construction field in more than a decade.   And Building Deconstruction is the first step in the sustainable building process. 

Building Deconstruction is much more labor intensive than standard bulldozer style demolition.  Great care must be taken to preserve the value of the materials that we are deconstructing.  Most contractors do not have the built in training that restoration contractors already have in taking the care and patience that is needed to deconstruct, let alone deal with an insurance claim involving property damage.  As a restoration contractor, my technicians are trained to carefully remove undamaged building materials to facilitate the mitigation or remediation of the damaged building materials while still protecting their value for reinstallation once the reconstruction portion of the claim begins.  It is second nature to restoration technicians to disassemble a kitchen to facilitate the drying of the structure behind the finished building materials.  This is not something we have to learn.  We already know how to deconstruct on a smaller scale.  Our skills just need to be fined tuned to where it becomes second nature.    

DKI understands that in today’s environment, individuals and organizations continually strive to do their part in building or creating green environments.

DKI has pioneered this movement by being the first and only disaster restoration and reconstruction organization to be green risk certified in building reconstruction and restoration services. 

DKI is the only Green Certified Services Organization that is adequately trained to provide a superior level of knowledge, expertise, professionalism and customer service to property owners, managers, facility directors, and insurers of green buildings.  Not only does DKI understand the makeup of green buildings, products used in green buildings, rating systems and insurance coverage as it relates to these elements, but DKI can ensure that if a green building  sustains damage, the building will be restored using the most efficient green products in the marketplace.

I believe that DKI and its member companies are already poised to take the lead in Building Deconstruction and Material Reuse.  By forming a partnership with The Reuse People of America at no cost to DKI and its member companies, DKI would become part of the largest building deconstruction organization in the United States. 

DKI Benefits from Partnership by:

  • Partnership with Deconstruction Industry Leader to become part of the largest building deconstruction and material reuse organization in the country by far
  • The ReUse People handle all the material donations and paperwork.  DKI Member companies stick to what they do best which is material handling and building deconstruction
  • Additional revenue stream during slow summer months in the Restoration Industry
  • Free On Site Building Deconstruction training
  • Positioned as the leader to promote building deconstruction and material reuse to the Insurance Industry before it becomes mainstream

The ReUse People Benefit from Partnership by:

  • Partnering with Restoration Industry Leader become part of the largest building deconstruction and material reuse organization in the country by far
  • Expansion into previously unthinkable DKI member company markets
  • Don’t have to waste time vetting companies in each new market.  DKI stands behind each member company
  • Many more avenues for promotion of building deconstruction and material reuse

Just by signing a piece of paper, Disaster Kleenup International can re-affirm their reputation as the Restoration Industry's Green Leader and be a force for the sustainable development and future of our world. 

Hopefully DKI doesn't wait too long and have one of our corporate competitors swoop in and steal the mantle......


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