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Keep Carpet Out of Landfill and Help Create Jobs On Long Island

Posted on Thu, Jun 21, 2012 @ 11:10 AM

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Long Island Carpet Recycling's cost-effective and environmentally friendly recycling service helps put people to work.


In these tough economic times, every opportunity to create employment and help the environment is important for businesses everywhere. Instead of throwing away used carpet, recycle it. Thiskeeps it out of the landfill, puts people to work, and generates revenue for your business. Green jobs are the future and we can all do our part.


Most carpet is made from oil. Over 3.5% of all waste disposed in U.S. landfills is carpet. And because carpet does not biodegrade, it will stay in landfills for generations. Carpet recycling reuses the 9 million barrels of oil wasted when carpet is disposed in landfills. 


With our wide service offering and fast, friendly customer service, Long Island Carpet Recycling is deeply committed to reducing landfill, recycling valuable material back into the manufacturing stream, and putting people to work.

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