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Content Restoration Content Care Facilty Super System Ultrasonic

By choosing the Advanced Restoration team, not only will you be treated like family, but you can rest assure that your personal items will be treated and cared for with the most effective equipment on the market today.  Our brand new State-of-the-Art Contents Care Facility will house the most up-to-date and advanced product line by
Morantz Ultrasonics.

Contents Restoration involves the restoration of property damaged by Fire (Smoke & Soot), Water and Mold which also includes general Disaster Recovery.

The M-115 Super System is Morantz’s most popular contents processing model. It includes 3 stations to thoroughly clean your articles.


The Ultrasonic Content Restoration Process

The first station is a Pre-Wash.  The 2nd is the Ultrasonic and the 3rd is the Rinse cycle.  Each tank is designed to clean 4 content baskets at once.  It can also handle large bulky items including electronics and parts of all types.

describe the imageM-115 Mighty One is designed for both the Contents Cleaning/Restoration and Parts Cleaning professional.  This powerful Ultrasonic machine is the "Standard" for restoration jobs of all kinds.

M-115 Pre-Wash Station is ideal for applications which require removing a top layer of dirt (or other surface contamination) prior to deep cleaning. This is commonly used for Contents and Fire Restoration, Electronics and Parts Cleaning. 

 M-115 Rinse Station is ideal for rinsing items after Ultrasonic cleaning.  The Morantz Rinse Station is perfect to finish all sorts of cleaning jobs.