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Disaster Restoration and Insurance Claim Repair Services

One of the worst things to happen is to have a broken pipe, or any other malfunction that causes water intrusion or flooding. Water saturates and holds water inside building materials in your home or office. We specialize in mitigation & repair projects related to fire, water, mold, smoke and storm related damage. 

Advanced Restoration Corporation’s Disaster and Emergency Response time minimizes the property damage that can be caused by an unplanned water intrusion disaster. Our Emergency Service teams have assisted countless residential and commercial properties throughout Long Island and New York.

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We Are On Target

Advanced Restoration Corporation's team of experts will perform a thorough site inspection to determine the extent of our client's property damage insurance claims.  

We offer reconstruction estimates on property damage insurance claims due to  disasters like water damage, fire damage, and storm damage to insurance companies, private homeowners, and commercial building owners. 

Advanced Restoration Corporation is available to handle all of your reconstruction needs  throughout the Long Island and New York City areas.

For over 25+ years, our company has built its outstanding reputation by completing high quality cost-effective reconstruction projects delivered with exceptional customer service. 

Advanced Restoration Corporation is a proud member of the Long Island Builders Institute (LIBI).

Why Extract Water?

-500x Faster to extract water than evaporate
-Reduces overall cost of the job
-Minimizes chance of growth of mold
-Minimizes repair work
-Less disruption to the structure and it’s occupants

Within Minutes, water damage can spread to other areas of the home. Within hours, furniture can begin to warp, including drywall and other building materials. Musty odor becomes apparent from standing water. Within days, rust and fungi can appear along with a stronger odor. Within weeks, Health hazards associated with Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) becomes an issue.

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Water Damage on Long Island

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Need Help?


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