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Be Prepared

Why You Need A Business Continuity Plan

Help Us Help You!

Knowing who to call for help when your company's Business Continuity Plan gets activated is just as important as having a disaster plan. At Advanced Restoration, we understand that an unforeseen event involving  property damage can be devastating to the occupants of the structure.


Benefits of having an Emergency Response Plan:

• There is no cost to partner with us.
• We maintain your company information in the event of an emergency.
• Most insurance carriers give you a discount if you have an Emergency Response Plan signed on file.
• Reduced downtime/business disruption for your home or office.
• Fosters business continuity.
• Prevents fires or water damages from turning into mold problems.

Our Pledge to You:

• Advanced will answer all emergency calls 24 hours a day, 7 days per week.
• Guaranteed response to an issue, with priority response. 
• Advanced will maintain set pricing throughout our partnership.
• Advanced agrees to provide all necessary tools, equipment, and materials to perform emergency services including board-up, temporary repairs, water extraction and drying, and other loss mitigation as required.
• Advanced agrees to provide fully trained and experienced Project Managers, technicians and laborers to handle the particular type of emergency.
• Advanced agrees to maintain adequate commercial general liability, commercial automobile liability, environmental liability and workers compensation insurance.
• Advanced agrees to keep all information pertaining to the emergency confidential unless otherwise required by law, or for the protection of public safety.

Being Prepared

According to the American Society for Industrial Security’s Emergency Planning Handbook, effective emergency planning begins with the following:

• Defining an emergency in terms relevant to the organization doing the planning.

• Establishing an organization with specific tasks to function immediately before, during, and after an emergency.

• Establishing a method for utilizing resources and for obtaining additional resources during the emergency.

• Providing a recognizable means of moving from normal operations into and out of the emergency mode of operation.


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